Factors on political involvement among university student in Malaysia


  • Ibrahim, M. Y., Abd Muis, M., Bakar, M. H., Zainal, M. A., Hashim, M. J., & Jusoh, M. H. Author


For a country to remain stable, young people's participation in politics is crucial. Today's youth, even university students who ought to be at the forefront of this crucial issue, are becoming less and less interested in participating in politics. The purpose of this study was to determine the elements that influence university students' political participation. A cross-sectional survey of 417 university students from Peninsular Malaysia's East Coast was done. The AMOS programme was used to analyze the data obtained through the questionnaire using the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The results demonstrate that factors such as attitude, family, media, and socializing have a favorable impact on university students' political involvement. This conclusion is supposed to serve as a foundation for different stakeholders to take all required steps to boost the involvement of university students in politics.


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