A call to action: Addressing the mental health disparities of LGBTQIA+ Indians


  • Dhankar, C., Vashishtha, K., Tripathi, S., Joshi, R., Tyagi, A., Joshi, M., & Shekhawat, K. Author


This article reports the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in India and how it affects their mental health. This is of significance as after the commencement of Section 377 people are starting to become more open about their sexual orientation. Every developing nation should make efforts towards augmenting the mental health of its citizens. LGBTQIA+ individuals in India often face discrimination, harassment, and violence due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. They are subjected to prejudice and are often denied equal opportunities in society, including access to mental health services. Discrimination can lead to higher rates of mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation. Moreover, there is a lack of research and data on the mental health of LGBTQIA+ individuals in India, which makes it challenging to develop effective interventions and policies. This article can contribute towards bridging this gap by shedding light on the unique mental health needs and challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community in India. Our report can also promote awareness about LGBTQIA+ issues and help reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems. Increased discourse about mental health among LGBTQIA+ individuals, will lead to more clarity and help identify ways to address the issues and protect the rights of this vulnerable community.


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